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The Department of Information and Communications Technology awarded NOLITC Tech4ED Center as Outstanding Tech4ED Center in the country at Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao City today.
Out of the 2,000 Tech4ED Centers established nationwide, NOLITC was honored and recognized for its exemplary performance and contribution to the growth and advancement of the community and the Filipino people through the innovative and highly effective utilization of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). In fact, NOLITC Tech4Ed Center is distinctly proclaimed as Center of Excellence for achieving a consistent exemplary level in delivering sustainable information and communications technology – enabled services, earning the distinction of being a component for positive change and for exhibiting commendable impact in the growth and development of the community it serves.
The National Tech4ED Awards is a salute to the impeccable conduct and initiatives of the Center managers in the delivery of ICT service in the “underserved and “unserved” communities.
The award was received by our INDOMITABLE and very dedicated Center Manager and Vocational School Administrator Dr. Ma. Cristina B. Orbecido (Tina Basa).
The award is an affirmation of how committed and animated the NOLITC Dream Team is in delivering excellent public service. This recognition will not only applaud the team’s relentless passion and conscientious efforts but also challenge them to raise the bar much higher as they continue to reach out to more potential beneficiaries from all nook and cranny of the province to radiate rays of hope for a more propitious tomorrow for every Negrense family.