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Standing on My Own Two Feet

Allen Glen Guzon is a 24-year-old native of Bago City, Negros Occidental, and a graduate of NOLITC’s Contact Center Services NC II Training. He currently works as a Team Leader at NetChase Marketing Solutions in Metro Manila, but his journey to get there was not easy.

Allen Glen’s challenge began in early childhood, as he grew up in an unstable household; with separated parents, he found shelter and care from various relatives. As he entered adulthood, he realized that he had to strive for independence to meet his own needs.

“It was around 2015-2016 when I finally had the chance to pursue further education. I was offered a scholarship and enrolled at Bago City Information Technology Training Center. Throughout my training, my aunt and uncle provided me with all my basic needs and expenses, which allowed me to graduate.”

“Upon graduating from Bago City Information Technology Training Center, my trainer sent me a link to NOLITC – seeing that the program offered a full scholarship and free shelter for the entire duration of the training, coupled with my desire to acquire as many skills and knowledge as I could to become more employable, I decided to apply for the Contact Center Services NC II Training.”

“I was fortunate enough to qualify for the scholarship. During my training at NOLITC, I began to realize my capacity for independence; it was the first time that I was not under the care of any relatives and had to stand on my own two feet. Realizing that I am capable of taking care of myself also enhanced my self-confidence, coupled with the encouragement and support of my trainer, Mr. Larry Franco.”

“Aside from the practical obstacles, I also had to hurdle the challenges of being a member of the LGBTQ community. A lasting lesson imparted to me by Mr. Larry is to never let other people limit what I can achieve and who I can become simply because of my sexuality–that it is a part of my identity, but is never a hindrance to my capacity for success.”

“After completing my training with NOLITC, I was endorsed by my trainer for employment at Panasiatic Solutions, which was my first company. After a few years of experience and armed with the self-confidence, communication and interpersonal skills, and grit that NOLITC helped me cultivate, I decided to apply for jobs at bigger BPO companies based in Metro Manila.”

“I experienced some rejections, but I was finally hired by NetChase Marketing Solutions. I continued to apply and enhance the skills I have cultivated from my training with NOLITC, until I was eventually promoted to Team Leader. I have been working and residing independently in Metro Manila for almost 5 years now, a feat I never used to dream I could achieve.”

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