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Tested At 16, But Came Out A Better Man

“Let me begin my story when I was 12 years old. It was at this time when my parents decided to separate ways and mind each other’s business. The last years of their married life were not that healthy anymore… at least as far as I could remember. Problems were piling on top of one another that felt very suffocating. And there I was, wondering what the next phase of our life would be. 

“Our mother single-handedly raised us to support our daily needs. It was not an easy life for us but was certainly insightful. She would make money from the part-time jobs that made her do what she knew how to, but I was aware that our resources were not enough. It was a blessing that we managed to eat three times a day. 

“I was not a saint… not even the golden child of my family. During my high school days, I was just like any other normal teenager who did not have that much responsibility yet. I got into all sorts of trouble. I was in the company of people, in whom I thought I found refuge; but I realized later that they were a bad influence. I tried and experienced things that are not worth mentioning because of the negative effects on my life. I guess we have different worst episodes in our life’s story, and that was mine.

“When I got my girlfriend pregnant at the very young age of 16, it was a shocking moment. As a young man who did not know about the real responsibilities of a “Batang Ama” because most of my life I was free from any responsibility, I was taken aback. Never had I imagined that moment was the reality of life. 

“I started thinking about what I had to do since then and decided to take an alternate route to finish my studies early and start a job. I quit my studies in high school and moved to Alternative Learning System (ALS) while working at the same time in a restaurant to make sure that I could save enough funds to cover the bills in the hospital when the time of delivery came. When I graduated from ALS, I started to look for a job and tried to apply to some BPO companies; however, the feedback was my school background was not enough to be eligible for the position that I was trying to get. 

“That was when I heard about NOLITC, which gave me a chance to study through a scholarship for two months. The Center taught me to know more about the BPO industry and how to enhance my skills as a competent and reliable Customer Service Representative. Still, challenges were hurled my way, but this time, I felt more ready and prepared. I had been struggling with my grammar and communication skills, but nothing beat determination and perseverance. The day of graduation came, and that week, we were endorsed to industry partners by our trainers. It was hard and mind-blowing, but luckily, I got in and was hired by Ubiquity Bacolod. 

“I would say it was a long, difficult trek for me to reach where I am right now; and all those obstacles that I have been through were unimaginable. But it seems that all those things really helped me grow and now I am proud to be working in Ubiquity as a Real-Time Analyst. With all that I have achieved now, I am really thankful to NOLITC and the Province of Negros Occidental for the scholarship. And one of my motivations is to work hard to give back to my mother for all the support that she has given us.

“As I look back through all my experiences, it is always about mindset. Whatever goal you have in mind… no matter what the problem is… no matter what you are going through in life… you will always have that motivation and mentality that you will find a way to reach your dreams.”

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