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The Power of Perseverance

April Joy Guboy was raised by her grandparents, after the demise of her mother in childbirth, and given the absence of her father. Through her circumstances, April Joy still considers herself lucky to have been raised by her loving grandparents who did everything they could to provide her with opportunities despite her grandfather’s meager income as a jeepney dispatcher.

She dedicated herself to the pursuit of strengthening her faith through becoming a Missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. April served her Mission for 18 months in Pangasinan, but as soon as she returned home to her grandparents, she found herself in need of employment.

“I searched for jobs online to help my family, as my grandparents are unable to work because of old age. My grandmother is 79 years old, and my grandfather was 81 years old when he passed away on October 4, 2021. We were only surviving through my grandfather’s SSS Pension, so I decided to find opportunities to earn more to enable us to sustain our daily needs.

“Through my employment search, I discovered NOLITC’s Training for Work Scholarship Program, so I decided to apply for a spot in their Contact Center Services NC II Training. As soon as I completed the interview and was informed that I was accepted into the program, I felt that the opportunity was the answer to my prayers.”

Because of the pandemic and the transition of the training programs into a virtual setting, April Joy found herself in a challenging situation once more.

“With every dream comes a challenge. The network reception in our area was frustrating, and I had connectivity problems every day. I was struggling to keep up with the virtual classes and the modules, to the point where I was considering forfeiting my spot and the chance to learn more.

“I was able to talk to my teacher, Mr. Jan Parson Hernia regarding my concern, and I apologized for being unable to attend my classes properly because of the connectivity issues in my locality. He was very understanding, and I am very grateful for his Christ-like attributes of patience and understanding despite my shortcomings as a student. I then decided to persevere further, seeking better reception at more elevated places in our area or going to our church to connect to the internet and be able to keep up with my classes.

“I am also very grateful to Ms. Red Dawn for encouraging me to continue the pursuit of my dreams. I am also very grateful to my classmates who helped me complete my online modules despite my struggles and the knowledge they have imparted to me. It is through them that I have learned the value of effort, of exhausting all available means in the pursuit of our dreams, as we cannot achieve things without doing our part.

“After completing the training and with the help of NOLITC, I was hired as a telecommunicator of the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental. This is my first job, and I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to work with great people in the office. NOLITC not only helped me attain my dreams to support my family; through the patience and kind understanding they have shown me through the duration of my training, I have truly learned to instill those values in myself as well.”

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