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Thriving Through Renewed Self-Confidence

Earon John P. Villanueva of Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental, was on his journey to earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, majoring in English. Unfortunately, like many others who share similar stories of strife, he had to give up that pursuit due to financial challenges.

“I stopped studying College around 2017-2018 to find work because my family was having a hard time and we didn’t have enough money to buy medicine for my dad’s illness. However, without a college diploma, I found it difficult to find work.

“I had also lost my confidence and began to wallow in self-pity, being unable to financially contribute to my family. I also felt inferior, as a result of receiving unkind words from my friends. I repressed all these negative emotions, but my family was able to see that I was struggling, and my parents encouraged me to prove them wrong.

“I found an opportunity to improve myself and learn new skills through NOLITC’s Contact Center Services (CCS) Training, which was mentioned by one of our Municipal Councilors. When I found out about the training program, I decided to apply and I thankfully qualified. I was very active and participative during the training.

“In September 2019, our trainer endorsed us to one of the BPO Companies, and I was hired on the first attempt. After one month in that particular company, however, I decided to look for better opportunities because the salary I was earning was not enough to sustain my family’s needs. I was accepted into another company that offered better pay.

“After a while, I decided to return to my hometown to rest from the stressful city life. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and lockdowns were implemented, rendering me unable to return to Bacolod for work. I was once again jobless, and that predicament lasted for two years.

“Fearing that I would return to my old ways, I decided to return to Bacolod to seek employment opportunities as soon as I was able to. I returned in March 2021, and with the help and endorsement of my NOLITC Trainer, Ms. Miramar Flores, I was employed as Assistant Shift Supervisor of 911, under the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental.

“The new knowledge and skills I acquired through NOLITC’s CCS Training have not only been useful in my daily life, but they have also been key factors in regaining my self-confidence. Because of the opportunities I have accessed through NOLITC, I am now able to provide more than just my family’s needs.

“I am very grateful to everyone I have worked with, to those who believed in my capacity, and to Governor Lacson for the programs that alleviate the struggles brought by poverty.”

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